A good boss and behavior

Now I would like to take an idea on who is our good boss. The person who we think are a good boss for us he or she should have five characteristics. First of all, he/she is an individual that can manage or control people in the organization. It is so difficult for boss in some cases because managing staff or people need properly capacity or ability to manage, knowledge, and making the staff trust on. In the organization having a good process if a boss can control their staffs and work. Secondary thing is that boos should have a good communication with their staffs. It means that boss makes relationship with the team and subordinates. It will have a good process of working between boss and staff. A good communication can make the organization strong in business. Third, motivation should be given by the boss because staff needs motivate from their boss. And fourth, the boss provide the appropriate salary for their staff based on performance and working experience etc. the boss should have responsibility for their controlling in case he/she fail in some tasks. At the end a good boss makes an organization improved and everyone inside also happy to work with.
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