The Virtual environment Work Team

The Virtual environment Work Team


  1. Why is this group a team?
  2. What characteristics of the team predispose it to making ineffective decisions?
  3. What are the characteristics of groupthink that are manifested in the work team?
  4. Has Dave been an effective group leader? What should Dave do now?


1. Why is this group a team?

Team is the group of individuals or people that organized to accomplish a common purpose. They are interdependent, committed to balanced participation, equal contribution, and regular deliberation. In the team, they communicate each other for understanding about who is doing what, when, where and how and why they need the support of other team members, etc. Team is one way for the organization to gather input from members and to provide organization members with a sense of involvement in the pursuit of organizational goals. In the case study, we regard this group is a team because the four programmers namely Tom Adrews, Cy Crane, Marge Dector and Megan Harnis carried out the work and highly commit in producing the program to serve for the T.A Stearns business in accounting service through their similar background of education. This team is in type of virtual teams because they use the technology like the case, in the daily process of their work, they connected to each other and the company by email, telephone, and conferencing software to discuss immediately, share information, help each other, make decisions without ever being in the same location, organize the program, and solve the problems.

2. What characteristics of the team predispose it to making ineffective decisions?

Accounting to the case, we found that there are three main point that make ineffective decisions

1- Not show output/achievement to the team regarding to the program change like in creating a shortcut to save the time for the work Tom and Cy did not inform to the team members and manager of work group about this new innovation. They did not tell or inform to the member what the process going on and made the decision together. This action made by Tom and Cy can be pictured as cheating to the team that can be reached to business failure in the future.  

2- Tom and Cy did not report to the manager Dave Regan for this new innovation and made him wonder about their performances overall team. So, for Dave Regan think that it should be unusual inside the “Macro” program change. Until, Dave Regan found in email communication between Merge an Cy for thanking in saving her time. This is not a good practice for the team member like Cy because he should not keep information or new innovation only small group like Merge and Tom. There will be a big problem when the manager knew about this. For team may not support the ideas or participation from Cy and Tom, and they also affect from this new innovation like if the macro is learn from the management, there may be keep only three programmers and one of theme lose their job.

3- Dave Regan, the manager found out that Cy boasted about his trick to a member of another virtual work group. Cy only told to Dave that the group’s action had been justified to protect itself. Instean discuss with Dave he told to the team members. So, for Dave the situation seemed to have gotten out of hand. So, make the team ineffective decision Cy made a big mistake in his work and bring to the manager to solve for him in front of company.

3. What are the characteristics of groupthink that are manifested in the work team?

1- Team work:
a. They work in virtual environment and connect through technology
b. New innovation named “Macro” was created by Cy
c. Team want the time for leisure and other jobs outside like consulting
d. They share the shortcut to other members of the group
e. The company has the reward program in innovation to the employees and profit sharing

2- Groupthink and Assumption:
a. Tom and Cy felt that the company reward would not enough for their free time
b. There seemed to be little incentive to share their innovation macro with management
c. They believe that their group could suffer if management learned about macro and so one of their team may lose job and the remaining other workers would have more work thrown at them

3- Cause/Problem:
a. They did not trust their management what they announce about the program change and interest
b. Their feeling is so unstable and worried
c. The management lack of follow up the assigned project to team member
d. The compensation is low for them

4- Conclusion    
a. They (Tom and Cry) did not inform their new innovation because they want to have spare time in their leisure activities for them and team. So, the team could be achieve the result for the company in their current project and they will relieve the incentive and other interest from company.

4. Has Dave been an effective group leader? What should Dave do now?

In the project, Dave manage his team to achieve the goal for the company, Dave has been an effective group leader because he communicate both subordinates and top management to his work performance. From now Dave should implement his responsibilities as the following:

a. Dealing with team members:
  • Control his team’s working performance in term of service quality and scheduling
  • Open heart and recognition for the team’s innovation and research
  • Continue training and improving the team productivity
  • Motivation the team for their working hard and result
  • Communication around the team more effectively
  • Support them from working alone or not discussion about their problem
  • Define the team work is important and need to  participate
  • Find the problem and solve it with everyone in the team
  • Sharing the information not keep silent or secret

b. Dealing with a manager and company:
  • Report and meet with the manager about the team innovation
  • Introduce the important for new innovation and its improvement to the business of company
  • Propose to the management about the benefit for the team who create new innovation
  • Monitor the team performance and result and show to the management
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