English is an international language

In the world today, English is used all countries to communicate each other. Because English is an international language, it has three reasons to be described. First, it is a language that we can use it for communication; for example, as we run business for our company so English is very important to communicate with people who are English speakers. It makes us very easy to communicate however other use their original language in speaking, writing, or other ways. But in the communication with other nation, they can change from their language to English to purpose making a communication is better and better. Another one when we travel to abroad we need to use English because we cannot speak our native language. Second, English is used in universities. Some university that we study always has a document in English and teaching in English, too. For instance, as we study bachelor of IT, it very useful in English knowledge to learn about IT because all books and document is all about English. The same thing when you study in university at abroad. Third, English is important in writing as the administrative document. For example, when we work in one company, they must need us to be able in speaking and writing in English so they can accept and hire us to work. In the work, some documents are need to write in English such as email, letter or computer typing etc. if we cannot understand about English, we cannot make the job process well.

At the end, English is very important to everyone that need it in communication and it makes our life is easy.

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