Fundraising in Cambodia

In the developing country like Cambodia, the funding is very important thing for every organizations use it in development such as human right, micro enterprise, gender, HIV/AIDS, advocacy, hospital, etc. Anyways, those funds are always concern for development organizations both local and international. The duration of fund from donors normally 1 year or 5 years according to the program or project. Those programs are used fund to beneficiaries like poor people, vulnerable group, children, and old people. The fund sometimes is not secured for each organization because to some relevant factors like global economic down or crisis; therefore, the fund will be reduced or delayed accordingly.

Some organizations they take actions in finding more funds to support their activities through charity event, small enterprise development such as sell handicraft products, or other services that can bring the budget to their goals. Example, I remember that the event conducted by the PSE in Cambodia, they organized for raise the fund by concerting on charity program to help the poor children who need to attend the school or food for their living. This is the part of valuable program that bring to them without complaining or concerning.

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