The Blog and Its Benefits

I would like to share you about “what is the blog” and why is it important to our life and business? 

As you know, blogs were hosted on internet by users around the world. I see that Blog is a contraction of the words web log; and it is most of the blogs becomes the room for discussions or comments or informational sharing. The user can post the information every time and everywhere when they login to their account. 

In order to create a blog, most popular blog providers like wordpress, blogger, or webs offers free of charge; and it is very easy to manage the contents and site traffic. I can say that Blog is the starter of web developer or for someone who addicts with internet in sharing/posting the information. In that it has me too. 

It is sure that the blogs has grown at the late 1990s and there were contents hosted on internet. In the blog sometimes it has the comment button to feedback or show their idea or blank for the visitors to place comments about something that they want. Normally they discuss on the problem or sharing the information each other through the blog. In the blog we can post the article, picture, video, and other storage file like .doc, .pdf, .ppt, and so on. If you don’t have website to show your products or service you can start to use it with free of charge to grow your business. The visitor can see the products/service you offer through internet every time and everywhere. So, blog is very important for human in the global IT revolution.
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