Using Public Wi-Fi Networks and Tips

Now Wifi-Fi was used in schools, universities, hotels, and other places with free of charge sometimes. The ISP providers now serve to their customers with cheap price and high speed internet. Wifi nowadays is so comfortable ways to connect with internet when you register with ISP Company. It is easier than using cable network and the users can use in the area of Wifi coverage. Anyways, when you use the Wifi please take care of your computer and information in case the hacker attacks. In order to protect your information the below are the tips for you practice at home:
  • Use the antivirus software to protect on the Wifi/network the Antivirus can protect you when you use the internet through Wifi. It will block the spam as well.
  • When using Wifi-hotspot, send the personal information to websites that we know clearly. Do like this is securely.
  • Sign in in account without remember password. If you are stop to use please sign it out
  • If you access to your account it should be change the password in order to stop someone who remember or hack our account
  • As usual in some Wi-Fi networks use encryption like WEP and WPA is the most common to serve. The WPA encryption helps you to protect from hacking programs.
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