Khmer Font: Font Khmer Style (Kbach) for your design in illustrator

Are you finding a Khmer Font for design? I want to recommend you this style of font for your career in design. I know some of you know already about this font but others. I love this font so much because it provides me in great design. It can be used in Iluustrator but not recommend to you in Ms. Word because it not so good if you are not good at design.

Photo: Illustrator-Khmer New Year 2014
download_Vathana Khmer Font

Look my design for Khmer New Year 2014, it was so comfortable and cool. This font I got from Mr. Nimol's bother my colleague that he gave me for design. 

You can download with free of charge by this link

If you have any question please let me know. Hope you enjoy it. Good Luck!  
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