Sample of Plan and strategy to improve online media for your company

This is the plan for improve your company website and strategy to improve online media for your company. 

You can download it from the link attached. 

Website update/upgrade
-       Social media
o   FB (join us on Facebook)
o   twitter
o   LinkedIn
-       Redesign image slide show in the website
-       Change the quality of pictures if possible
-       Organize the standard using Fonts in YOUR COMPANY WEBSITE
-       Create the more pages (announcement/others needs)
-       Change [read more...]
-       Develop or increase YOUR COMPANY WEBSITE website speed    
-       Add google analytic
-       Add counter visitor
-       Add Donate
-       Increase visitor
-       Develop google webmaster
-       Add google AddPlan (SEO)
-       Add google plus
-       Add google Map
-       Add mailing List
-       Add subscribe form
-       Redesign Header Image (if possible)
-       E-new letter
-       Enquiry form for contact
Add online promotional materials (Flyer, Logo, 
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