Mr. Michal Dell is the founder of Dell Inc.

After I read the case study about Dell, I found that Dell is the great entrepreneur in the world. He could afford his business improve till now.  I can learn that Dell doing his business when he study and he has many commitment in his life to make a business and become a rich man. I think before he has today he met a lot of problem in his life. So for me, Dell is something can make every one learn from him like experience or success in his life. You can go to see his company website: and his Dell background at

In 1984, Michal Dell started his own business while he was a student living in a dormitory at the University of Texas. At the first time of his business is the selling PCs to local businesses and the business was increased remarkably. It was first year reached $600,000 and doubled almost every year thereafter. He decided to run the business with full time after leaved school at fresh man. Dell began his business on computers in 1985 and marketed them through ads in computer trade publications. The company he started was PC’s Ltd. Which was the forerunner to Dell Inc., today. Dell started his business with a simple concept which is made to order computer. The computer was to be direct sales to consumer. Dell maximized his profits by bypassing distribution and retailers. Although it has products were sold by retailer he soon took product out of the stores and continue to focus on direct sales. Initially Dell started selling computers by mail and phone order then until 1994 when he started a website to sell his computer to customer to get order. At this point Dell became the first computer company to have a website; by 1996 the website sells increased dramatically leading the company to be a largest retailer on the internet by 1999. As of day Dell is the largest personal computer supplier in the world with under 18 percent of the global market; and it is the number one in the United States for shipments of standard Intel architecture servers. This company changed its name to Dell Inc. as today.

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