Paragraph Writing: How to be a good leaner in the class

As I studied at high school, I always study hard with all the lessons and with my friends; I met a lot of learner in the past. Some students didn’t know about the way to be a good leaner, but some knew by their self, for me the best ways to be a good leaner are the following methods:

1-  You go to school regularly with the time taken, but don’t forget take your learning tools

2-  Another one keep stay in appropriate place where your table can you sit, can listen to the teacher teaching

3-  In the class as you don’t know you should be asked the teacher to explain to us in the difficult sentence.

4-  In the class too, you should write the letters on what teacher write on the board. Do like this make us remember, when you forgot someday and it is a good point in you examination review

5-  When you come back to your house, you should do all the home work that teacher took and review what lesson had learned all the day and night. When the lesson is difficult, don’t hesitate to ask your teacher or friends.

6-  In the free time you should go for walk or go to recreation , when you do like this make you clear your brain after the lesson do not go for walk regularly because it will effect to your study

All thing above will make you to be good leaner in your school and all the exam is not difficult for you. These are the best ways that help you study hard in class and at home.
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