The market for Yeak Loam Community for Selling Traditional Products

The market for Yeak Loam Community for Selling Traditional Product: The Yeak Loam community in Ratanakiri in Cambodia has traditional weaving skill so they could weave for use in clothing in daily living and also selling those weaving products to the market. They could weaving the textile into skirt, scarf and other accessories. Every season, the tourists go to their villages for visiting the natural areas and their living and sometimes they buy souvenir products. Through those buying lets the local community in Yeak Loam could generate income apart. The market for those traditional products still be poor especially comparing to the other community products selling in the market in Cambodia.
Yeak Loam Community

Watch the Indigenous People Weaving in Ratanakiri Province, it is their traditional work.

The Non Government Organizations (NGOs) work with Indigenous People in Cambodia, go to

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