The beauty of Angkorwat and Wood

I went to Siem Reap last year, and I will continue my trip to this province every year to visit ancient temples there. The tourists now are coming from everywhere around the world. During visiting there, I found that the temples were getting old from year to year so we are Khmer should visit before it disappear from us.

What is the first impression for me when visit Siem Reap?

I always travel by bus because I don’t have a car so I just spent around 12 to 14 USD for this traveling both go and back. Yes, the first impression for me when visited this ancient land is woods. I said that “wow! Siem Reap province is cold and fresh air”. It looks like I was in the ancient time. I went to Angkor Wat, Ankor Thom, and siting on rock where I can relax from walking.

Photo #1: Visited Bakaeng

Photo #2: The sun set at Bakaeng

Photo #3: Woods in Siem Reap

Photo #4: Woods in Siem Reap

Photo 5#: Apsara in Angkor Wat

Photo #6: Big wood in Prasat Bayon

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