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Carryover of process designs 
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The process design is mostly start from broad micro processes, system, and procedures and so on. Example, a broad marketing process consists of steps of “situational analysis” or “marketing strategies”. Therefore, the micro processes are made up through designs that carried over from the existing process, the designs that corrected the weakness or adapt a new needs. And the designs should be created something newly. This means that in order to design one product, it requires specific process to carry over and in case of problem exists we correct it and produce the new product for the customers.

It is clear that carry over us the dominant ingredient in process design. The advantages of carryover are considered by top managers or stakeholder like quality controller or producers in the organization. If we carryover of process designs, it will be reduce the cost minimally and its performance is predictable. Anyways, carryover has a potential uninvited, unwelcome guest; so to make it better or defend against these points the process designers should inform themselves for prior performance of potential carryover.

Design of Microprocesses 

In the microprocesses it refers to multifunctional processes at the higher levels of company hierarchies. It consists of the process below:
  • Process subdivision is quite similar to a “black box” design for goods. So the microprocess is subdivided into the equivalent of black boxes. 
  • Reasons for process subdivision for the planner of the organization, the collection the reason for subdivision is the need for their current planning. They can discuss why the need to plan the activities. So, securing the current planning enable the managers to assign black box to a different team and they can manage work smoothly. There should be flexible in assigning the team responsibility because some team may have responsibility for planning at the micro level and then others may be assigned to planning for the various black boxes.
  • Coordination of interfaces among microprocesses the broad planning should make provision for coordinating the interfaces. The coordination requires the macroprocesses that has multifunctional. And lack of coordination, it will be easy for some functions to be duplicated and others to be omitted.
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