Assignment on ACLEDA Bank Plc. in Cambodian Market

The Assignment above I would like to share only for your study purpose. As I did the personal research with my team during study. Basically, it is the research in secondary data only means used the existing document from internet and books in library. 

The assignment on ACLEDA Bank Plc. in Cambodian Market is concluded as below, please download the full assignment report. 

Nowadays, Cambodian market in financial servicing especially banking are growing within the competitive environment to gain the market shares and maximize profits from this. In this case, strategies are very crucial to the bank like ACLEDA Bank because it enables to make the business survival in each country like Cambodia. On the other hands, strategies are to create for the competitive advantage to aggregation of factors that is apart from its competitors and gives it a unique. It is the key of business success because it was created value for customers to its competition. ACLEDA’s strategies do best and is the focal points showing target market segments for it and determine how to position the bank in those markets and one more to identify some ways to differentiate its bank from competitors. Starting from the organization as small NGO in the local, ACLEDA Bank Plc. became the largest private bank within licensing from National Bank of Cambodia and it achieved and still continue its vision and mission in the future in serving the banking service to the customers. It is also one of banks that participate to make the financial system in Cambodia run smoothly until now. 

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