Look to my experience in applying Google Adsense

What is Google Adsense? 

Google Adsense is the program of Google Inc. that was created for content publishers to earn money from their blog or website through advertising from other companies on publishers'website. Shortly, there are many requirements and criteria to apply for Adsense Program, like applying the scholarship. Read this here.

How can I connect with Google Adsense? 

Before you connect to Google Adsense you need to have blog (like blogspot or hubpag) or website that you are admin. 

For blogspot you need to have the age of blog at least six months with sufficient contents. 

I want to know and learn from your real experience

As you know apply your website or blog with Google Adsense is not an easy way to pass. It needs many resource and trick to pass this process. In this post I will tell you all my experience in applying Google Adsense. 

I created this dangkorpost.blogspot.com since July 2013 with some bad and good content to post with indexed in Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster and shared to some social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google Plus,.... But the traffic was still low yet compared to other blogs in Cambodia.  

From month to month I just shared posts and published new articles with pictures and video to get more index and traffic from Google Search. 

I have submitted it to Google Adsense but the feedback is like the picture below: 

Google Adsense Approved

Google Adsense Approved

After six months passed away, this month of March 2014, I started to submit again with 27 posted and indexed from Google Webmaster around 112 index. Lastly, I passed this process with my work hard and personal research on internet and other people.

Google Adsense Approve (successfully)

Some tips and summary for pass the Google Adsense

1# You need to have one phone number in Cambodia (I said about Cambodia only for other countries may be the same).
2# You need to have correct address of where you are living now.
3# You need to create blog (blogspot) with age at lease 6 months.
4# Get more traffic to you blog because Google need some blogs that have high traffic to show ads
5# Good and quality content (my experience I have 75 posts) 
6# Sumbit your blog to Google Adsense with type correct information 
7# Implement the ads code correctly after passed the first step

After you do as my faced experience above I think that you get 100% pass like me too!

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Ok any comment or question please let me know or email to me: chanthanav@gmail.com. Thanks and success! 
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