Project Topic: Land Improvement for Food Security and Environmental Protection

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Project Topic: “Land Improvement for Food Security and Environmental Protection”

Problem Definition

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The Malai and O’Chrov Districts, located in the south-west of the Banteay Meanchey province, are some of Cambodia’s most impoverished areas.  Participatory monitoring and evaluation research activities undertaken in 2006 by CDFC concludes this is primarily due to: shortage of land due to land rights issues and mine contamination; lack of knowledge about appropriate agricultural processes including market access and distribution; limited water supply and irrigation systems; lack of suitable equipment and general infrastructure; and lack of collective cooperation and organization.

A research study undertaken by CDFC in 2003 entitled, Assessment Report on Agricultural Activities in Malai District, Banteay Meanchey Province, supports similar findings.  The study found that the majority of farmers interviewed encountered food shortages for 4 to 5 months of the year due to factors such as lack of access to land, labor-intensive farming techniques and a lack of agricultural equipment.  The study also found that this problem was compounded by lack of water for agricultural purposes where most farmers still rely on rainwater so that water shortages throughout the year limit their ability to grow crops.
Furthermore, because the Malai district was a conflict zone until relatively recently, land ownership is not well defined and farmer rights to land and resources have the potential to be abused.  Participatory monitoring undertaken in 2006 in 11 target villages in the area revealed a serious concern among villages of ‘land grabbing’ at the hands of military personnel and district leaders.  Also, ‘pioneer farming’ in newly mine/UXO cleared land is also having negative impacts on the environment and natural resources as people are harvesting bamboo, cutting wood for charcoal and hunting wildlife for sale and food.  Left to continue, this has the potential to further degrade the natural resources of the area thereby diminishing the ability of the people to derive a living from it.

The proposed project will address the problems of land degradation and land management by teaching farmers more appropriate/sustainable and ecological farming principals/methods.

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