What should you do with network marketing? You want to be millionaire?

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I knew that everyone in Cambodia understood the word of network marketing especially among adults and office staff. From my point of view, network marketing refers to delivering the message of product of service in purpose to sell it. And this network marketing carries out from one person to another person from group to another group in strong network. It is similar to the blood in our body.

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You are maybe one of other people who get the phone calling from the network marketing man. That was true to receive the calling from them; and they conducted a meeting at somewhere to present you about the business process, products, and benefit for this part-time job. They said “you will be the owner of business and you can earn from this amount to that amount”. For someone like you work in the company, you may be upset or unhappy with your current work because of low salary. But for this business you will be a richer in a very short time, and you can buy anything you want after you have money. So, most people want to get money and have a part-time job it was the time for you to change the environment of working. Most of the last decision is join the group to be network marketing.

After you get the concept of network marketing from the one told you, you will dream about that business and you will be hate the daily work. Do you know the network marketing do? They sell the products as other companies in the world but they focus of network because it is easy to spread the sales and save cost a lot like ads, delivering cost, and others.

One more thing that you should consider before join the network marketing is every member in the network marketing must buy the product from the company and purchase for sell to other member with clear structured of sales and level. I really don’t know how much we paid for network marketing member because it depends on the group. In this meaning you should consider about the investment before you put the money in it. It mean that you should know about the group, product, company, where the company, how they sell it,..etc.

The bad information about network marketing is some people lost their money and time in this network because they really didn’t know about the beyond the scenes. Who is the real benefit receiver from this network marketing? They complained about the network marketing such as they lost their job before join the group and some people they lost study university. Look like the world never easy for the person.

Network marketing is not bad but the person who uses it in the wrong way and cheats the people. So why you should consider before join the network marketing. This is my comment! Question about the network marketing please comment in the box below!

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